Monday, May 4, 2015

Delightful Daisy

So a few weeks ago I made a Peek-a-Boo Card by converting a Stampin' Up! Instruction that I had previously received :) It was super easy and fun by the fourth time I did it... lol :) So here is my Tutorial for it! Sorry it's so picture heavy. I did one with a Video recording but I liked my pictures better!

I used this adorable image from Art by Miran <3 I just love how cute she is! Her name is Delightful Daisy.

The instructions are for a 6"x6" card or 15cm X15cm

Things you will need:
2-  6"x 9" or 15cm x 22.5cm of a plain Cardstock for the inside and the front
1- 6"x 6" or 15cm x 15cm of a plain Cardstock for the back

You will also need some pretty paper!!
1- 5 7/8"x 5 7/8" to go on the front
2- 5 7/8"x 4 1/2" for the middle of the card

I also added some to decorate but those are entirely up to you :)
1- die that is no larger than 2 3/4"<< Very important or it will cut too large of a window!
Step One
For the card front- Score at 3" and fold. For the inside of the card score at 4 1/2" and fold in half.

Step Two

Glue the pretty paper in place :) For the front of the card- do not glue it onto the scored part ;)

Step Three

Position the die within the furthermost three inches of the inside of the card. If you cut it too far to the center then there will be an overlap on the part that peek-a-boos.- which isn't good!

After you cut the first hole- fold the card in half and trace a circle on the opposite side so the holes will line up perfectly!

After you cut the holes in the middle paper, hold the middle over the front of the front of the card and trace it again! The score line is marked in black- and should be to your right when you trace it.

 Here is the traced line :)
I turned the front of the card over for a better look. You should have three holes in the papers now :)

This is the back of the card- Ours 6"x6" cardstock. Line the papers up again and trace but do not cut! I only did this to see where the design would go :)

Step Four

More glue!!
I flipped the middle part over and marked it so you could see. The inside right of the card will be attached to the back later on.

After gluing it looks like this :) The score line is dotted.

Step Five

For the inside back of the card I chose to use this adorable image from Art by Miran. Using the same die I cut her out.

Next I glued her onto the back of the card (remember where we drew the circle but didn't cut)

This is the tape I used since it seems to hold very well and it was super thin.

This is what the back should look like now. You don't have to cut the stamp out but I liked the clean lines better. See the little bit of scor-tape alllll the way to the right? Don't touch it yet!
Step Six
This is the front and the middle piece that we glued earlier. I darkened the fold line so you could see it better. I drew the circle by opening up the middle of the card and laying it flat. You will not need to cut this- It is a reference line only!

I stamped on the inside of the circle I traced and did some swirly decorations around it.

Step Seven

Do you remember that tape we put on in step five? Now you can touch it! Go ahead and peel it and stick it to the back of the middle piece. I found the easiest way was to just close everything and then line it up.

Tuck the folded piece that we decorated, from Step Six, in between the back piece and the middle.

The back and the middle are attached only with the scor-tape.

Okay and we are done! Sorry it was so picture heavy :) Here is the front.

And this is what it looks like open.

Here is a Video of another card I did previously so you can see how it's put together.

If you would like to see that card it is here.

Thank you so much for stopping and taking a look :) I hope you like my tutorial! and if you find yourself making a card like this please link back to this page! Post in the comments too :)

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  1. Such a beautiful card!! I love it!!

  2. Wow amazing design how clever! Love the image so beautifully coloured!
    Lucy x

  3. I love your peek-a-boo card!
    I also have one made, you can see it on my blog;)

    1. I took a look! so cute too! I tried to comment but couldn't get past the robot :/ Very pretty card!

  4. STUNNING. Love the fab tutorial, the gorgeous creation, the papers, image and beautiful colour{aNNie My Personal Blog}