Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A single rose- Just kidding I made lots!

I bet you're wondering what fabulous things I do in my spare time? .... Probably not!! But that's okay because I'm going to share it with you anyway :)

I had some down time this week and decided to make some embellishments. One of my favorites to make are these roses.

I generally use my Spellbinders Rose Creations Die. I love the shape it has.

I like to cut a BUNCH! I have a trick I like to use to prevent my arm from getting tired....
it is I make my husband do it!
After I get a bunch cut I form the shape... and like magic I make roses (not really, the video is embedded below).

I was a bit nervous... I did fine I think until I almost fell from my chair at the end when I was about to turn the recording off :) I am also not to be held responsible for any boredom you experience while watching.

Please if you do make some roses - Post a picture in the comments below! I'd love to see :)

 photo Post-stamp_zps8daebe52.jpg

Thank you for watching and coming by!


  1. Is the correct name for it Spellbinders Mega dies Rose Creations? Also what paper do you use for them and do you ink them yourself?

    1. Hi Nikki :) yes that is the one I use :) I have also tried it with smaller punches and it worked just fine.

    2. also as far as paper- I use different papers depending on what look I am wanting, and I do ink them :)

  2. Love this tutorial. Thanks for sharing.